Indoor ski slopes

Indoor ski slopes are great places to learn skiing for beginners stress free and weather free and for others to improve techniques and train. Kids can have amazing fun, skills development and activity with assured safety for the parents. Over the years many different types of ski slopes have been manufactured. Let’s have an overview of the technologies and equipment for the construction of indoor ski slopes.


Almost everything that you find on a snow-covered slope of a mountain now can be created in an artificial environment. Thanks to the recent development in the materials used for the creation of these indoor ski slopes. Now we can ski all round the year, plus organize competitions to give chance to new athletes show their talent and discover new skiers that compete in international games.

Dry Indoor Ski Slope:

The revolving indoor ski slope has a revolving astroturf surface belt that is placed at an inclined height. The belt moves in the upward direction creating friction between the skier’s board and the ski surface. The ski surface is made of ski grass for real snow experience.

Indoor ski slopes

The ski slopes come with adjustable beam in front of the slopes to help newbies balance on the ski grass. Full height sports mirror are placed in front of the slopes to help you make real time self correction. And your ski descent can be adjusted to be on perfect slope difficulty.

Real Snow Indoor Ski Slope:

Mostly found in the UK, rea snow indoor ski slopes are gaining popularity. The temperature of the indoors is kept at -1 to -5 celsius which is optimum for the snow. The snow is produced by a snow cannons or guns.

Unlike the dry ski slopes, whenever you are in one of the real snow slopes it is important to keep warm. All kinds of equipments like ski pants, shoes, helmet, ski jackets can be rented in these facilities but you can also carry you own.


  • SkiPark 360 – This indoor ski slope is located in Stockholm, Sweden. It is one of the most energy efficient Ski parks on the world and when completed will be powered by solar, wind, air and heat of the earth. The ski park has a hockey rink, skating ring and shooting ranges.  
  • Dubai Ski Resort – Not everyone has access to the mountains. That is the case with people in Dubai, but this resort has made it possible for people to ski in the desert. It is the longest indoor skiing resort using real snow technology. The snow created feels and tastes just like Alpine snow.

Almost anyone enthusiastic about skiing or snowboarding can try on of these ski facilities. But if you are a newbie contact with the staff in the facility and ask for proper guidance and instructions before you are on your own. All indoor ski slopes have trained and friendly staff that are willing to help and give proper train in groups or individually.


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