Indoor Ski Slopes

Imagine the tall, white mountains, snow covered ski slopes, chairlifts disappearing up into the distance: the crisp, cold air, the sound of skis on fresh snow; and the aroma of gluehwein and real fir trees.

Well, now you can experience as well as imagine because thanks to a technological breakthrough pioneered by British company Acer Snowmec Ltd., the perfect Alpine holiday with indoor ski slopes can be brought to you for the price of a cinema ticket.

Acer Snowmec provides advice, design and project implementation for specialist indoor snowmaking, indoor ski slopes and retention technology.

Acer Snowmec's indoor ski slopes, have developed a revolutionary technology which can produce real snow of exceptional quality. The systems developed by Acer Snowmec are highly energy efficient and heat/cold recovery is used throughout. The patented thermal store glacier can take full advantage of low peak electricity and acts as the standby cooling should a power loss occur. The system does not use any ozone depleting refrigerants, harmful chemicals or produce any discharges which could harm the environment.